Who are we? Where are we from? Where are we going?

Not everyone is lucky enough to share passions, work, and life with their best friend.

But we have had this luck and despite the 25 years since we met, we are still here to share everything together.

Since we met at the age of 4, we shared the passion of skiing with its joys, defeats, fears and victories that the world of competitions has given us, we have attended the same schools and went to live by ourselves at the Age of 15, we traveled to many parts of the world doing ski instructors, shared the passion for yoga and launched a brand of fashion accessories.

We can say that it was mainly thanks to the ski that we became friends, encouraging each other during races and workouts. Although this is an individual sport that brings rivality among the athletes we have always managed to be happy and proud of each other, although there is to be said that I have a special admiration towards my friend Calypso who has reached Tremendous results at national and international level with her determination.
Apart from the sport the most fun part was living together in the mountains attending a boarding school for winter sports, first living in the college with the other students and then in a house by ourselves.

I still do not know how our parents have had the courage to let us so young to live alone, but they probably trusted us and we did not disappointed them. This was really a wonderful experience, but at the same time it was hard for the continuous engagement between school, workouts and managing a house for the first time ever, but for sure we didn’t miss the fun.

Having left the school we continued to train until our trainer passed away, experience that pushed us even closer , but life went ahead and despite attending different universities and different ski instructor course we never fall apart.
Beginning to work together as ski instructors in Cortina d'Ampezzo (IT), there was always that promise made to our coach that one day we will be going to New Zealand and so once we got the job contact and bought the air tickets we got some courage and with another dear friend of ours we left for the experience that would have made us change our lives.

From New Zealand we arrived in France, Val d'Isere where we have been working for seven years, in Australia where we learned that we can ski in any condition just wanted it and only an experience brought me to Chile, away from Caly and other friends .
Fortunately, ours is one of those friendship in which you can see each other every day as once a year, but the relationship is always the same.

Since last year we have embarked on a new adventure by creating y-line, a brand of fashion accessories that reflects our style and meets our needs, but I will tell you all this in the next article, so stay tuned and comment on the post telling us your experience of Strong friendships and people with whom you shared life.

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