Y-LINE: the beginning of an adventure

Y-LINE: the beginning of an adventure

From the first steps, who we are and where we are going

"How beautiful these neckwarmers, where did you buy them?"

This is how this adventure began.

A couple of years ago, with its artistic and fashion sense, Caly was tired of the usual colors that the other brands proposed and to say it she was not a big fan of scarves, too bulky to carry around.

For the most part in our work as ski instructors, always wearing uniforms and colors not chosen by us, there is not much room to distinguish us.

So Caly decided to make her own beautiful sparkling neckwarmers, which certainly did not go unnoticed.

When I saw them for the first time I found the idea brilliant, so I proposed to make different kinds to wear during the season and see what people thought.

They liked them so much that we were able to create a brand and a logo to identify us.

It was not an easy process, but after so many tests and ideas we came to the conclusion that we wanted a logo that contained something about of our names.

Thinking of our nicknames "Pamy" and "Caly" our attention fall on the letter Y and our reaction was: "Y, why not?"

So we talked to a web designer friend of ours who has proposed us several logos until we fall in love with the current one creating Y-line.

Then we made labels with our logo and when applied them to the neckwarmers, there seemed to be the beginning of a real adventure for the first time.

So we created a company, producing the first collection and getting known among colleagues, friends, and social networks.

The road is still long and we still have a lot to learn, but we are confident and above all we do it with passion.

This experience gives us daily satisfaction and new knowledge, but sometimes fears and insecurities that we try to face them together.

Until now, it has been an amazing journey and continues to be thanks to all the people who have supported and believed in us making this experience possible.

THANK YOU ALL, please keep in touch, contact us on our Facebook page Y-line, follow us on Instagram at yline26 comment on this post and share with us any idea or experience on our site www.y-line.it.

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