Kiwiland New Zealand 

We decided to go a bit too far to learn English, the main reason that pushed us to leave. Also being skiers has always been a common dream skiing across the world.

So we found the contact for the job and bought the air ticket we took courage and started off for the trip that would have changed our lives.

When we arrived in Kiwiland we took a moment to get in, since the English accent is more difficult to understand than our British neighbors, to overcome the shock of coming back to winter when at home the summer is just getting started and talking to people of other cultures is not so natural at the beginning.

Certainly the first trip away from home for so many months on the other side of the world is not an easy experience for everyone, but we found out that we have a good spirit of adaptation transforming this into a wonderful experience.

We got used to the cold, grey and rainy weather of New Zealand, to see the Maoris go barefoot and short-sleeved while we were freezing in our puffy jackets. We even managed to get used to the kiwi accent, beginning to learn a few words in English despite the fact that our first friends there were Scottish who, with their way of talking, made us even more confuse.

Then we started to give ski lessons, even though I’m not sure what our first customers really understood at the beginning, as we could not speak clearly except for a few sentences.

There were so many situations where friends, students, supervisors talked to us and we only answered "yeah", followed by a nod of the head but without really understanding everything.

In a short time, however, we have improved, beginning to make a lot of friends, making us better understand at work and also get used to the New Zealand teaching method.

This method consisted in having a large number of beginners, never under 15, and the purpose was to let them try the snowplough after a brief explanation hoping to they have understood it quickly and not knock down the track. "The faster they learn the better", this was the kiwi motto.

Too bad that time we did not have our fashions neckwarmers to warm us up in the cool and windy New Zealand days. This experience has also been part of our journey and has led us to where we are today, teaching us to live, learn from every person we have met, from all the experiences we have done, giving us a lot of ideas that were useful to the rest of our life.

I'm sure these are those experiences that give you the courage to try to follow your dreams in life, nothing is impossible to try and if you get it wrong you will learn from your mistakes.

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