FIRST YEAR OF LIFE: easier to say it than do it

FIRST YEAR OF LIFE: easier to say it than do it

"Coca Cola in its first year of life has sold 10 Coca Cola"

 "So cool these neckwarmers!" "I would buy them all." "How many do we have to do?"

"From where do we start?"

It's great to have an idea, a dream to accomplish, and at the beginning it seems easier and you take for granted many things.

You want to come out strong because those who dream big get farther.

Then, however, you start to get real realizing that nothing is as simple as it sounds.

It takes knowledge, more time than expected and maybe a higher budget.

You need people who help you: accountants, lawyers, web designers to achieve your purpose.

You need tenacity and desire to do, know how to communicate and always be present because the project continues to buzz in your head 24/7 and you cannot get rid of it.

At first you only consider the success and the beautiful parts of the job, without considering the moments of mistrust and fear that accompany them.

But the secret is right here, you must never give up, you have to roll your sleeves, be willing to admit that in life you can’t always know everything, but every day you have new opportunities to learn.

Starting from the bottom as we did, you have to learn something new every day and end up doing the accounting, sales and marketing manager, the agent, the shipping agent, and even become a blogger at the same time.

Surely after this first year of experience, satisfaction, fear and inspiration we can say looking at the past year that we learned a lot and every day is getting better looking to the future with more confidence and security.

Thanks to all those who have believed in us.

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